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I get through the install program completely, but when I start TopScore Pro, nothing happens or I receive an error starting the program.  What could be wrong?

One likely problem is that you do not have enough free hard disk space.  Clean up your hard disk and allow some extra space, say about 100MB free.  Then reinstall the program. 

If you have verified your hard disk space, check to see if you are running Norton Antivirus Version 7.  If you are, you should follow the instructions below closely.

Norton Antivirus Incompatibility With Microsoft
Norton Antivirus Version 7 sets a default to not allow Microsoft Scripts from running.  This is a real problem for the thousands of companies that use Microsoft Scripts and other standard Windows programming functions.  You can resolve this problem by turning off Norton Antivirus' Script Blocking Feature. Then complain to Symantec at
Tell them to not set Script Blocking as a default option!

To disable Norton Antivirus Script Blocking:
    1. Start Norton Antivirus from your START menu.
    2. On the main Norton Antivirus window, click on Options.
    3. On the left, under System options, click Script Blocking.**
    4. On the right, uncheck the check box "Enable Script Blocking"
    5. Exit Norton Antivirus.

**IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE THE SCRIPT BLOCKING FEATURE listed, you must use the Live Update option to update Norton Antivirus to the latest version.  Note: After using the Live Update option, disable the Script Blocking feature as outlined above.  YOU MUST UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL TopScore Pro software if you have had to update Norton Antivirus to include Script Blocking.