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When I select Print or Summary of Scores or Test Detail from the Reports menu, I get an error "Object doesn't support property or method".

Many Microsoft applications require a Printer Driver to be installed to Print Preview a report.  You will need to install a printer driver on your machine.  This is simple to do since Microsoft includes many popular printer drivers on the Window CD-ROM disk.  To install a printer driver do the following:

Go to and download a PDF printer.  This will allow you to create a PDF document just like printing something to the screen.

1. From the Start menu, select Settings>Printers.
2. Click on the Icon, Add New Printer
3. Follow the wizard instructions.  When asked to select a printer, select a popular printer such as HP (Manufacturer) and Laser Jet (Printer).  
4. Make this printer your default printer.
5. You will be asked to insert the Windows CD-ROM.
6. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to view your TopScore Pro reports

Additional Help:
Here is a link you can download printer drivers. You can pick any printer. This is the Cannon Bubble Jet Color-5000. The size is 1MB. Follow the setup instructions to install this printer.

Copy and paste the http:// line into your browser: