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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude TestFREE ($9.95 Value) SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER !! Order today and receive the comprehensive
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Only  $59.95


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Looking for the American Dental Admission Test (DAT) Click Here

TopScore Pro
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Canadian DAT Sample Tests and Study Guide

19 Edition for the Dental Aptitude Test

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bulletTopScore Pro® IS THE leader since 1998 and the most AUTHENTIC, TRUSTED and
COMPREHENSIVE test simulation software available on the market for the 
Dental Aptitude Test!
bullet3 complete DAT tests (15 exams, the most offered on computer by any company)
~ tons of questions, all sections, Carving Guide, automatic scoring and 
diagnostic reports, built in study aids, and simple to use!
bulletUsed by thousands and thousands of predental students every year to prepare
for the Dental Aptitude Test to get into dental school. 
bulletRecently updated and written by college professors, DAT test experts, 
reviewed by current dental students and dentists, and others specifically 
familiar with national testing boards
(like the DAT) with approved 
question submissions
bulletIt is NOT a product simply written by a predental student with lots of
errors like others!
bulletDon't get fooled by others that imitate our products on-line
bulletGet an advantage over competing students...It works!
bulletTopScore Pro® is the leader, most accurate, and is supported and recommended 
by national companies, advisors and industry leaders.

Exclusive Carving Guide Included!!  Step-by-step color pictures, instructions and lots of valuable tips by expert dental carving students and faculty!

TopScore Pro® for the Dental Aptitude Test is the FIRST COMPLETE sample test product that simulates the Dental Aptitude Test so students can actually experience the BIG TEST before they sit for the real thing.

It is designed specifically to help the prospective dental student get their desired results on the Dental Aptitude Test.

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 Only Canadian DAT Test Section   PaceSetter(tm) to Pace Yourself
  3 Full Length Sample Tests (15 exams)   Automated Score Report
  Over 630 Questions, Covers All Sections   Detailed Reporting Analysis
 Soap Carving Guide & Full Color Pictures   Question Topics Included
  Individual Test Section Controls   Simple To Use
  Feature Rich Testing Program   Proven Successful By Dental Students!
  Complete Timer Controls

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