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How Should Predental Students Study For The Canadian Dental Aptitude Test?

We are often asked what is the best way to study for the Dental Aptitude Test. So, we have compiled this short review of the most successful ways ANYONE can prepare to do well on the DAT. Although this is a short outline, if a student follows this advice, he/she should expect to be prepared for the rigorous exam.


Yes, study. But, you must study the right things! Just studying say, general biology, is not going to be sufficient. Studying SIMPLE cheap review books specific for the DAT, WILL NOT usually be sufficient either.

The best study aids are:

    1. Your college text books! However, these often contain more information than needed…but they do contain the information you need. You just have to study smart. How?
    2. If you "sold back" your text books, don’t worry. What you must do is purchase review books for the INDIVIDUAL college topics. These books are often much less ($20) and will teach you the topic. The problem with SIMPLE DAT review books is that they do not cover the topics in sufficient detail required of the DAT. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is true. The individual review books for biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, college entrance math, etc. do an excellent job in reviewing material at the necessary level of detail. These review guides are found in college bookstores, and national bookstore chains. They are usually titled "College Biology Review". McGraw/Hill, for example, publishes excellent review books entitled "Schaums Outlines For [topic]". They are about $16.95 each. They have the detailed review to the depth you need and you can buy only the ones you need.
    3. To study smart, use the SCOPE OF EXAMINATION TOPICS published by the American Dental Association and also provided on ScholarWare’s cd-rom, TopScore Pro® for the DAT. Concentrate only on these topics. This will focus your study of the sciences.
    4. The Perceptual Ability Section. There is no doubt that this section is new to many applicants. However, students do well by practicing SAMPLE questions. Practice, practice, and practice. Any source of sample questions for the PAT section will help. As the student begins to familiarize themselves with 3D images and rotating objects, he/she will do better.
    5. Reading Comprehension. This section should be studied for by reading popular science magazines and news media. Excellent sources are magazines like Cell, Science Today, Newsweek (any science related article), and reading about popular topics of the day (e.g. cloning, gene therapy, diabetes, dentistry science news).
    6. Use TopScore Pro® for the DAT to simulate your actual DAT test. Our product will tell you where your weakness are, help in managing the timer, and let you know if you are prepared to take the real test.  Our tests are written to TEST YOU BEFORE you take the real test so you don't waste $money and have a poor score report on your record because you were NOT prepared.  Read all about the great features of our inexpensive simulation at
    7. Take the DAT seriously!  You do not want to be making excuses in your interviews for poor performance.

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