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Question Corrections for Version 8.x

Please read the corrections carefully. You may wish to print this out and have it handy when you take a test. 

Read ALL corrections for your version AND subsequent versions.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know. Thanks

Previous to 8.x  versions are no longer  supported.  See our Upgrade Policy

Version Win: 8.1.47; Mac 2.0.7

1. Test 1, PAT, Question 32
Answer A should read 4-3-1-2
2. Test 1, PAT, Question 31
Answer should be A

Version Win: 8.2.6; Mac 2.1.2

1. Test 2, QR, Question 7
Quantity A should read Sin not Sec

2. Test 3, QR, Question 8
Answer should be E, 33%. Total fruit is 608 tons.

Version Win: 8.2.7; Mac 2.1.3

1. Test 2, QR, Question 35
Answer Key should be D, not B.
Version Win: 8.2.11; Mac 2.1.8

1. Test 2, QR, Question 23
Answer B should read -43/60. Solution corrected to reflect error.