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For Immediate Release

ScholarWare Releases Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) Sample Exam Software

Atlanta, GA (02/16/2004)-- ScholarWare announced today release and shipment of its new sample test product for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). TopScore Pro® for the PCAT sample tests adds another new and exciting product to ScholarWare’s already popular family of test simulation and sample test products. The Pharmacy College Admission Test is a national exam developed and administered by The Psychological Corporation and required of many college students making application for admission to one of the more than 100 US and international professional pharmacy schools.

With this single package, prepharmacy students can realistically gauge their preparedness and knowledge before they take the actual PCAT. "We saw a great need for prepharmacy students to have access to quality sample exams and questions in a highly effective diagnostic and preparatory tool" said ScholarWare President and CEO, Dr. Steve Anderson. "Our product not only allows the prepharmacy student to practice realistic sample tests, but it will automatically guide the student to their weak spots and focus their study so they can achieve their desired results on the PCAT. Our products remain very affordable and continue to deliver high quality.  TopScore Pro® for the PCAT helps tremendously to acclimate the prepharmacy student to timed exams, sample PCAT content, and gives the student a definite edge."

TopScore Pro® for the PCAT offers three complete sample tests (18 exams) in a full-featured software product. Students can practice individual test sections or simulate 3 sample PCATs in their entirety. TopScore Pro® for the PCAT is available on both the company’s website at and at online retail stores such as and Barnes and Noble ( ScholarWare's introductory low price is $44.95.


TopScore Pro® for the PCAT has many additional features not typical of paper or other review guides. Features such as: individual test session controls, complete timer controls, PaceSetter™ technology to pace yourself, detailed reporting, automatic score reports, and a simple computer test tormat.

TopScore Pro® for the PCAT is compatible with all Windows 95 and higher, and NT 4.x operating system platforms.

For additional information, contact ScholarWare directly at


ScholarWare is the nation’s premier provider of national standardized test simulation software. TopScore Pro® for the PCAT is a member of a family of products that provide affordable and authentic computer simulations and guides for national standardized tests. It has helped thousands of students excel nationally and internationally. ScholarWare is a privately held software company with corporate headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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